Traditional Delivery Method

3 Simple Steps


Traditional Delivery is totally free, but has a 3 day turnaround.
For 24 Hour Turnaround, check out “On Demand” delivery!

  • On Demand App Delivery
  • $3.50 Delivery Fee
  • 1 Hour Service Window
  • Next Day Turnaround (Excludes Sundays)
  • $20 Minimum Order
  • Available in Select Chicago Zip Codes
  • Mail Order
  • FREE Shipping
  • Truly Green Cleaning, Available Everywhere
  • No Minimums
  • Free Shipping both ways! (Qualifying Orders)
  • 3 Day Turnaround Time + Transit

Why Greener Cleaner?

What’s the difference between Greener Cleaner and the other guys?

The Greener Cleaner Difference. We are Truly Green. And we do our own work!

Item Rinse Dryv Pressed Garments The Greener Cleaner
Truly Green Cleaning
(NO Petrochemicals)

(Cleans w/ Petrochemicals)

(Cleans w/ Petrochemicals)

(Cleans w/ Petrochemicals)
Owns The Cleaning Plant
(No Outsourcing)

(Middleman only)

(Middleman only)

(Middleman only)
You Know Who’s Cleaning Your Garments
Convenient Smartphone App
20 Years Experience in Chicago
Consistent, high quality cleaning
Depends on who is cleaning your clothes

Depends on who is cleaning your clothes

Depends on who is cleaning your clothes


With Our Traditional Delivery, There’s Never a Delivery Fee and No Minimums!

Item Price
Launder & Press Items
Shirts Laundered – On Hanger $3.69
Shirts Laundered – Boxed $4.39
Dry Cleaning
Shirts/Blouses $8.49
Pants/Skirts $8.49
Shorts $7.29
Sweaters $8.99
Blazers/Sport Coats $9.95
Dresses $15.95
Scarves $7.79
Ties $6.59
Outerwear Coats $23.97↑
Pillowcases $5.49
Sheets $16.39 ↑
Tablecloths $22.69 ↑
Comforters $32.79 ↑

We let Our Clients Speak for Us


Can I pick my delivery day and time?

Not with our Traditional Delivery Service. With our traditional service, we assign you delivery days and we figure out a way to do unattended pickups and deliveries, even when you’re not at home.

Are there any delivery fees or minimums?

Nope! Not with our Traditional Delivery service. The huge advantage of this service is that there are no delivery fees and no minimums.

What is the Turnaround Time?

With our Traditional Service, turnaround is 3 days (excluding Sundays) so for example, you may be assigned to a Monday & Thursday schedule. Anything picked up Monday would come back Thursday. Anything picked up Thursday comes back Monday.

Got more questions about how our services work?

Visit our FAQ page, or simply email us your questions at!