Mail Order Delivery

3 Simple Steps

Why Greener Cleaner?

Why should I consider shipping my clothes to Greener Cleaner?

Our Mail Order Pricing

Item Price
Launder & Press Items
Shirt Laundered (Requires Wardrobe Box Shipping) $3.59
Shirt Laundered – Boxed $4.29
Dry Cleaning
Shirt/Blouse $7.58
Pants/Skirt $7.58
Shorts $6.49
Sweater $8.14
Blazer/Sport Coat $9.25
Dress $16.30↑
Scarf $7.07
Tie $6.49
Coat (Outerwear) $23.93
Pillow case $5.40
Sheets $18.48↑
Tablecloth $19.57↑
Comforter $30.47↑

We let Our Clients Speak for Us


How does this work?

It’s easy!  Once you have an account, there’s no need to place an order.  Simply ship us an order whenever you’d like, using the carrier that’s most convenient for you! (FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.)

Use any box you have around the house, and send orders to:

The Greener Cleaner
Mail Order Department
4837 Oakton St.
Skokie, IL 60077

How Does Free Delivery Work?

For qualifying orders of $100 or more, we’ll automatically credit the order $15 to pay for shipping to our facility, and then we’ll pay for the return shipping in a “standard” box.

What's the difference between 'standard' and 'wardrobe box'

With “standard box” shipping, we’ll gently fold your cleaned and pressed garments and ship them back.  Due to the folding required to fit inside a standard box, some creasing may occur, and you may need to steam these out at home.

A “wardrobe box” is a large, flat box that allows us to completely fit about most garments inside without folding.  Garments actually lay flat on top of one other inside the box – still on hangers!  Since there’s no folding, there’s little-to-no creasing.

Unfortunately, due to their size, wardrobe boxes are expensive to ship.  Cost to ship back a wardrobe box is as follows:

  • Cleaning Order over $150:  Free
  • Cleaning Order over $100: $15 flat fee
  • Cleaning Order under $100:  Price will vary by weight, typically $30-$38 (as of 2/2019)

What if my order is less than $100?

You would be responsible for shipping both ways, in that case. So you would not receive the $15 credit, and we would add the return shipping fees onto your bill.  Shipping fees for standard boxes are typically between $12-$20 depending on weight, and wardrobe boxes between $30-$38 depending on weight.

How are the clothes returned?

You can pick between a “standard box they are folded neatly and placed inside a standard box. Wardrobe boxes (as pictured on the top of this page) are available and may be requested, at an additional cost.

I Have More Questions!

No problem!  Once you sign-up for an account, you’ll get an email explaining exactly how the service works.  If you have any questions after that, you can always reply to that email to reach our representatives directly.  Or you can simply call us toll-free at (855) WET-CLEAN (855-938-2532) or use our direct local line, (312) 321-0033.


Got more questions about how our services work?

Visit our FAQ page, or simply email us your questions at!