Mail Order Delivery

3 Simple Steps

Why Greener Cleaner?

Why should I consider shipping my clothes to Greener Cleaner?

Our Mail Order Pricing

Item Price
Launder & Press Items
Shirt Laundered (Requires Wardrobe Box Shipping) $3.95
Shirt Laundered – Boxed $4.79
Dry Cleaning
Shirt/Blouse $9.23
Pants/Skirt $9.23
Shorts $7.91
Sweater $9.95
Blazer/Sport Coat $10.86
Dress $17.39↑
Scarf $8.51
Tie $7.16
Coat (Outerwear) $26.15
Pillow case $5.95
Sheets $19.20↑
Tablecloth $24.71↑
Comforter $35.70↑

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How Does Free Delivery Work?

For qualifying orders of $100 or more, we’ll automatically credit the order $15 to pay for shipping to our facility, and then we’ll pay for the return shipping.

What if my order is less than $100?

You would be responsible for shipping both ways, in that case. So you would not receive the $15 credit, and we would add the return shipping fees onto your bill.

How are the clothes returned?

Typically they are folded neatly and placed inside a standard box. Wardrobe boxes (as pictured on the top of this page) are available and may be requested, at an additional cost.

Got more questions about how our services work?

Visit our FAQ page, or simply email us your questions at!