Drive Cleaning

Free Pickup and Delivery

FREE you ask? FREE WE SAY!  Yes, in the past, Greener Cleaner charged extra for home delivery service.  But no more! We have now merged with Drive Cleaning, a company that specializes in pick-up and delivery.  Using their techniques to maximize efficiency of our routes, we can now offer pick-up and delivery for exactly the same price you would pay if you came to one of our stores.

The pickup and delivery process is incredibly easy because you don’t need to be home at all! Although the process may change slightly depending on what type of building you live in, you can always expect the following things:

  • Greener Cleaner never charges any delivery fees, membership fees, or monthly minimums!
  • Typical turnaround is 3 days, but 48 Hour service may be available – if you have any special requests, just ask!
  • Greener Cleaner is a non-tipping organization. We’re just doing our jobs!
  • Greener Cleaner does more than just dry cleaning and laundry. We’ll also clean your leather, suede, comforters, and do your alterations!
Delivery to a single family house

Do you live in a single family house in Chicago or one of the surrounding suburbs? It’s incredibly easy to use our service from a single family home. Simply click here to learn more!

Delivery to buildings With doormen

If you live in a doorman building, it’s incredibly easy to use our services! In most cases, you’ll simply leave your bag with the doorman for pickup, and we’ll drop-off your order with the doorman on your delivery day. In most cases, we’re even more convenient than dry cleaners that are located inside your own building!  How is that possible?   Because while they are only open during normal business hours, you can usually pick up your Greener Cleaner order from your doorman at any time you like! Click here for more detailed instructions!

Delivery to Buildings Without Doormen

Do you live in a multi-unit building that doesn’t have doorman service? If so, that’s not a problem for Greener Cleaner! Simply follow these steps for easy delivery:

Personal Delivery to Your Office or Business

Greener Cleaner will accommodate any type of business and deliver clothing in a manner which will not disrupt the work day. Please call 773-784-8429 if you would like Greener Cleaner to deliver to your place of business, and we will set up service in the way that best works for you!

Group Delivery to your Business or Corporate Office Park

Greener Cleaner now services entire Corporate Office parks, allowing us to provide our eco-friendly cleaning to hundreds of employees at a time, at a discounted rate!  Have your office and building managers contact Greener Cleaner to learn how we can bring this valuable amenity to your office today!